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New Product Concept Survey
We are in the process of developing a new product to add to our [Mules'R'Us] product line. Please answer the following questions pertaining to this new product concept candidly.
DETAILED PRODUCT CONCEPT: [We are in the process of developing an exciting new product for mules that we hope will appeal to anyone who owns/uses mules for labor. It is a synthetically produced pheromone spray designed to improve your mule's attitude. The spray mimics the natural "contentment" pheromone produced by mules when they are happy. And everyone knows that a happy mule will work longer and harder, and generally just be more pleasant to be around! The pheromone should be sprayed on the mule's nose, just above the nostrils, and takes effect immediately. As such, it works best when applied just before setting your mule to work/beginning any social interaction. It will likely be sold in spray bottles in quantities of: 8 oz., 16 oz., and 2 lb.]
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